Sewing is getting interesting out there

Here I am again, yes its been a while since I have posted. Halloween has come and gone and we are getting close to Christmas. I haven’t been able to figure out the trend this year when it comes to that people want, but I still have time. A cute design I have found is this Grinch. The designer looks like they did a good design with their proportions and color changes.


grinchThe best part about sewing around Christmas time is when I get to give my new creation to that special friend or even a stranger. I love the feeling of giving and hope you do too. Of course I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t like receiving from time to time also. Machine embroidery designs are a great way to spice up the clothing you are giving away. You can make something very personal when you customize it. I have included a link to a history of embroidery designs.


Wiki is a great source, for information, but remember, anybody can change what is up there. So use your brain and when something doesn’t look right, it typically isn’t.


So have a great day today and happy sewing.

Embroidery Designs

Last night I found information about machine applique designs. So as I said in my first post, I am often browsing the internet looking for great new ideas and find my self up afta1. Well as I was researching one of my favorite areas, machine embroidery designs. I came across a few sites I like. These sites sell all types of embroidery designs on them. One of my favorite sub categories of embroideries is what is called an applique. I like to stick with the machine appliques though since they are cheap and fast to sew with an embroidery machine. Here is what a very simple machine applique looks like.

machine applique designs


If you look closely at the image you will see that it has a simple satin stitch around the edges with a red fabric inserted into the middle of the embroidery. That inserted fabric is the part that turns and embroidery into an applique. These patterns can be very simple or very complected, often having many different steps and many different areas where you can insert different colors and types of fabrics. This gives you the ability to create very unique and creative designs with unlimited design options. Not only that, but if you know how to embroider you know that you can combine multiple designs onto the same article of clothing, giving you the ability to be even more creative.

The site we found last night and love is called It has a unique name and seems to have lots of fun and modern looking embroidery designs, mostly machine appliques. Their service is fast and they seem to have a good understanding of how to digitize designs correctly. Their designs are also unique and inexpensive!



I often find its past one am and I am still sewing

After spending a hard day working, taking care of the kids, throwing in some mac and cheese for dinner I then immerse myself into my sewing projects. After spending some time doing something I love I often notice that its already past 1 am and I need to get to bed to start the next day. Do you find you like sewing as much as I do, that you lose track of time? Well this is the site for you. I am starting this blog to keep you updated on the projects and things I read and find out about sewing and embroidery in general.

There is so much information out there that its easy to get lost in it. Today I am going to just link you to a video that shows you beginners how to sew a T-Shirt. There are lots of videos like this on YouTube or other media sites. I am a DIY type of sewer and have learned what I know through the internet and just trial and error.

So here is the video, it is part and after you watch it you will be able to see part 2 on the YouTube side bar.

I hope you enjoy this site as its my first attempt at doing a real blog site. Keep coming back for more as I will also talk about embroideries and sewing machines in future posts. Here is a link to WIKI that talks about the history of sewing, enjoy!